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FCA/NATC Software and Base Rates Move to SMC3


Freight Carriers of Canada (FCAC) has sold its benchmark base rates for both Canada Domestic and Cross-Border traffic as well as all software and related intellectual property rights to SMC3 (Southern Motor Carrier Association). FCAC will work with SMC3 to provide a smooth transition for our customers, and SMC3 will continue to support FCA software users.


SMC3 is the technological leader in LTL rate and transit-time related software and processes, and the company has worked with FCA/NATC base rate data for over 25 years. We are confident that our customers will be well served in the future by SMC3. For support from SMC3, please contact Customer Support at or 800.845.8090.


FCAC will continue to provide the industry with the Fuel Bulletin including both Canadian Domestic and U.S. Canada fuel prices and their cost impacts.


We thank you for being a loyal customer, and we wish you continued success.


This Week In Petroleum


U.S. Gulf Coast port restrictions impose additional costs on U.S. crude oil exports


May 2 - U.S. crude oil exports averaged 1.1 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2017, an increase of 527,000 b/d from 2016. This acceleration in export growth happened despite the fact that U.S. Gulf Coast ports cannot fully load Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC), the largest and most economic vessels used for crude oil transportation. Instead, export growth was achieved by using smaller and less cost-effective ships. Although much of the current focus has been on pipeline constraints limiting the amount of crude oil that can reach the U.S. Gulf Coast, potential shipping limitations are also relevant....more (this link will take you to the Energy Information Administration website


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