Membership in the Freight Carriers Association and North American Transportation Council offers many advantages and opportunities to motor carriers.

To provide quality information in a timely fashion to assist our members and other parties involved with the motor carrier industry.

Professional Networking

Membership in the FCA and NATC provides a forum allowing carriers to discuss common problems and issues of general interest and importance.

Meetings are held several times a year. Attended by many carriers, these provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to meet with fellow competitors, address common issues and concerns, share information, and establish working relationships.

Simplified Interlining

Few things in carrier transportation are more frustrating and time consuming than using multiple rate levels between interline partners. FCA and NATC membership facilitate use of common rate levels on interline shipments.

Reduced Prices and Greater Product Availability

FCA and NATC continuously develop new products and services. As a member, you are entitled to advance information, design input and access to these services. In addition, members are able to acquire many of our products and services at prices well below those available to non-members.

Answers to Your Transportation Related Questions

Members are encouraged to contact us with their trucking related questions or problems. In addition to our experienced team, we have access to a vast network of transportation professionals and can provide assistance and help find the right answer.



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