Looking for a reliable, easy to use and reasonably priced PC based system containing all your rates?   Welcome to the FCA-NATC Rating System, a flexible, powerful and user-friendly DiskRater.   Designed in distinct modules, your FCA-NATC Rating System can grow as your needs expand. Each module adds more functionality and versatility, providing unparalled capabilities.

An explanation of the modules of the FCA-NATC Rating System is shown below.

FCA-NATC Rating Module

This module provides unparalled performance in determining rates and finished charges between any two Canadian points or between U.S. and Canadian points .

Advanced features include:

RateQuoter Module

This module easily produces rate ponies and printed quotes customized to the individual user. Reflecting the growing use of net rates, RateQuoter is able to provide both net and full "tariff" rates.

Advanced features include:

Division of Revenue Module

Provides automated division of revenue on interline shipments (two or three line hauls). Available Division Guides include the NATC D-49P, RMB D83 and the FCA Canadian Division Guide. Division of Revenue module operates both as a stand alone module and within the FCA-NATC Rating module.

A database of interline partners can be created containing information specific to each partner.  Partner information can include the default division guide, interchange point, and special division adjustments.  In addition, Division of Revenue Module allows each user to develop and maintain a customized list of interchange points.

MakeRate Module

MakeRate is a unique module that allows the creation of customized rating systems for distribution both internally and to other parties needing your rates. For many companies, supplying CD's/diskettes has become the preferred method of receiving or distributing rate agreements.

Our MakeRate program simplifies the process of producing disks that allow each rater to be customized for the ultimate user. Using MakeRate, customized rating systems can be created containing your rates and pricing terms for distribution to specific customers or users.

MakeRate allows carriers to provide individualized systems that contain only the base levels, discounts, terms & conditions, value added services and/or other information applicable for the specific customer.

Through the use of high quality graphics screens that promote your company and other information such as service maps, company contacts and facility locations, MakeRate provides far more than a simple rating system.

BatchMaster Module

LTL Rating - Batch processing - Batch Processing is a breeze with BatchMasterBatchMaster's spreadsheet interface uses information from your current spreadsheet formats to rate multiple bills for analysis, bids or billing.  BatchMaster utilizes the FCA and NATC rates currently used in your FCA-NATC Rating System.

When prospective accounts provide you with freight bill information in a spreadsheet, BatchMaster is perfect for the "what-if" analysis required to make your bid.  The spreadsheet interface is simple and easy to use eliminating the cumbersome and complex systems of the past.  The bottom line is less time spent on rating and more time available for analysis.   There is no need to modify your current spreadsheets, simply select the columns that contain the relevant information (origin, destination, weight, etc.)

DiscountMaster Module

LTL RATING - Handling of Discounts  -The handling of complex or simple discount scenarios is easy with DiscountMaster, one of FCA-NATC's master series modules for use in the FCA-NATC Suite of Rating products.  DiscountMaster facilitates the handling and maintenance of regional and/or point specific discount levels.  DiscountMaster utilizes the FCA and NATC rates currently used in your FCA-NATC Rating System.

 Discount Master allows the user to:

LaneMaster Module

LTL LANE RATES - LaneMaster incorporates the use of carrier specific lane rates into the Rating System.  Our powerful rating engine allows the user to rate using lane rates, individual carrier tariffs and bureau tariffs.

With LaneMaster the user can:

The look-up process with LaneMaster is as follows:

Step 1 - Search for applicable lane rates, if none then
Step 2 - Search for Individual Carrier tariff, if none then
Step 3 - Look up bureau class rate and applicable discount.


Build your own file alias.xxx to further define origin/destination rate application (i.e. rates to/from Toronto, ON could also include Etobicoke, ON and Mississauga, ON).

LaneMaster can also be used in conjunction with MakeRate providing your customers with their specific lane rates and a class rate structure for all undefined lanes.

For further information contact Dave Sirgey at (800) 559-7421 ext 214 or email at dsirgey@natc.com.

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