Demo Version of the FCA-NATC Rating system



A demo version of the FCA-NATC Rating system is available download.  The demo will provide rates between the Atlantic Provinces (NB,NS,PE and NF) and points in Ontario, Quebec and the USA (48 states). The demo includes fully functional version of the following rating modules:






Tips for using BatchMaster:


The batch Input file is a comma delimited files (.csv) that should observe the following:


Any Postal codes should be all 6 digits with no space between the 3rd and 4th character

                                                            (i.e. M1B2R4 not M1B 2R4).


If a 3 digit postal code is used the shipment will rate but a message will advise that the rate may be incorrect.  This is because many rural postal codes (those with a 0 in the 2nd position) will have multiple rate levels within a 3 digit area.  This is why all 6 digits are highly recommended.


If the point’s name and province are in the same field (column) they need to be separated only by a space not a comma (Toronto ON not Toronto, ON).


If relying on point name only (no postal code) it is usually best to avoid punctuation marks with the name (St Johns not St. John’s). If postal code is included point name is ignored.


Provincial Abbreviations – For Quebec use PQ not QC; for Newfoundland use NF not NL



Download the Demo Version of the FCA-NATC Rating System



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