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When will the money reach my Coinquista account?

Your Coinquista account balance will be updated once a transfer has reached your account. 

In general, all of our transfers are very quick. However, depending on several factors, like the transfer details and currency chosen, your transfer may take slightly longer to reach your account.

You can use the below time frames to estimate when a transfer should reach you:

  • dollar local details: this usually takes one day, but it may take up to 3 working days depending on how the sender’s bank processed the transfer. 
  • Faster Payment Faster payments: Payments are usually complete almost immediately, although they can sometimes take a few hours. This is the most common type of payment:

    • CHAPs Payments typically are completed on the same or next working day. These are commonly used for large transfers
    • BACs Payments can take 3 working days to complete. These are commonly used for payments and wages from employers and Governments

    Please ask your sending bank to confirm the type of payment.

    • dollar local details: If the sending bank support instant payments, transfers should be instant. If sending bank does not support instant payments, it can take up to 2 working days
    • SEPA Instant only takes a few seconds (check here if the sending bank supports SEPA Instant transfer)
    • For all other cases, you’ll need to use your SWIFT account details for the respective currency account, and the transfer might take up to five working days.

    Key points to remember:

    • Some banks don't process transfers during weekends and bank holidays
    • We can’t accept transfers with incorrect recipient details, such as account number typos
    • All banks and payment service providers are required to run checks on your payments to comply with regulations, which may cause delays

    The timeframe should be calculated from the moment the transfer was actually sent out, not from the moment the transfer request was submitted.